Hiking Caesars Head State Park | Raven Cliff Falls | Overlook | 2017 | South Carolina | USA

Hiking Caesars Head State Park | Raven Cliff Falls | Overlook | 2017 | South Carolina | USA

In this vlog I am going to the Caesars Head Lookoff in Caesars Head State Park, and the going hiking to the popular water fall at Raven Cliff Falls. The loop around is hard following several different colors – Red, Blue and Pink.

Be sure to check out the overlook as well for an awesome view!

The beautiful overlook is located over the Blue ridge Escarpment. From this location you can watch for hawks, and see into North Carolina as well as Georgia. Awesome views.

Raven cliff falls is a 4 mile round trip with some challenging parts – depending which way you go. Here you will see the 420 foot Raven Cliff Falls.

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  1. Beautiful overlook and love the trail through the rock split. Ahhh the sound of fast moving water. Challenging trail.. Great job both of you!

    • This was one of my favourite hikes from the trip! It just had so much beauty from the start to the finish – even if it did have it’s challenges!

  2. I for one enjoyed the pink trail..of course I am just watching not hiking it. Long hike but will be great memories down the road. Thanks for sharing

    • I also enjoyed the pink trail, but I tend to like the more intense parts. It was a really great hike! Would recommend it to anyone! (anyone who wants to anyway!)

  3. Beautiful scenery from Caesars Head and how lucky you folk had it all to yourselves. Your route may not have been official but sure was a lot more fun and quite “scary” through the rocks. What is the temperature like of the mountain streams – my experience they are normally quite cold. The waterfalls are simply stunning and that rock face simply took my breadth away. Not an easy trail and thanks to you both for doing it for us. Just love your videos and you taking us off the normal stuff we see in documentaries. Take care and thanks for the share.

    • This was one of my favorite spots on the trip. Everything was wonderful about this area – the water, the views and the hikes! The water was cold as you suggested. That is a wonderful compliment! It’s nice being able to show people places they don’t always hear about. I am so glad you are enjoying the videos!

  4. Stunning views of the waterfall and love those bridges.  Very cool find with that “hidden” path and I would have also gone if the chain was open 😉 That trail started to look very tricky after the waterfall, I can’t believe you kept holding on to that selfie stick while navigating it LOL. I can see why you both were worn out. Great video – thank you so much for sharing and checking out my channel!!! Subscribed :)))

    • This was a fantastic hike. I really did enjoy it. I think it was a little more draining for her (I’m more if a seasoned hiker than she was), but I was glad she pushed hard to finish it. Haha, it was a challenge at times keeping the camera rolling! Thanks for subbing! Looking forward to seeing more of your stuff!

  5. That was a fantastic hike to get to see the falls nice scenery on those trails. Those bridges were real cool. 4 hours is a long hike and she is still smiling, good test.🙄

    • Yeah, she had a hard time with that hike – she wasn’t as seasoned as I was! But she worked hard and got through it, so that’s all the mattered! This was one of my favorite hikes and spots on the trip!

  6. wow.. the trail is challenging ya,wow nice river.. the water very clear, you never get really lost?

    • This was a fun hike! It was one of the more challenging one’s for sure! They usually mark the trails here really well. I would think it is a popular place in the area to hike – and if it’s not, it should be!

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