Hiking Differences: GERMANY VS. USA

Hiking Differences: GERMANY VS. USA

Hiking is different in Germany and USA?!?! YES! Come hiking with me & Mr. German Man as we talk about some big hiking differences in the two countries!!

Watch more:
Glacier National Park with Mom and Dad! https://youtu.be/Ju1-tVdUh7s
Beautiful Bavarian Forest National Park: https://youtu.be/KxF_2vGArLk

Where did we hike? Herzogstand

So my question for you is: Do you also like to go hiking? And what are some other ways that you like to get out there and enjoy the nature on these beautiful days?

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  1. Good morning!!🌟🌸😃 So my question for you is: Do you also like to go hiking? And what are some other ways you like to enjoy the nature on these beautiful days? 🌳☀️

    • Hiking is my work as a prospector. Today I hiked up onto the side of the caldera a few measly hundred feet with some other mining friends to find carnelian and botrodial agates. My knees dont like me now. I find generally in the Western US there is a trail to about every neat thing to experience if not a jeep trail from almost every parking spot.

    • I love hiking, but to the more extreme. I walked the Camino de Santiago and the West Highland Way. I think the AT and PCT are big parts of the US Hiking community. So I expected a bit about that too.

    • Yes! I love hiking, and as to your mention of gondolas to the top and back down from a hike, that does exist in the U.S. in places where skiing also happens during the snowy months. For example, near Killington, Vermont I once climbed to the top of a peak and then on our way down we ran into a visitor’s center at the top of where the gondolas travel. It was nice because at the end of a 10-day backpacking trip I was able to get hot food and a soda with ice before beginning the trek down the other side of the mountain. Thanks for bringing back these memories!

  2. One state park I really want to visit but haven’t gotten a chance to yet is Ahjumawi Lava Springs State Park in northern California. As far as I know, there isn’t any hiking to do there but you travel around the park in a boat instead.

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