Hiking in 40°C | Annchirisu in USA: Los Angeles

Hiking in 40°C | Annchirisu in USA: Los Angeles

Part 2 of my USA vlog! We visited these areas:
Korea Town
Little Tokyo
Hollywood Hills
Walk of Fame
Universal Studios

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  1. Wow, I went to that starbucks for my breakfast at the 1 minute mark each day. I went LA for E3 last year.

  2. Getting withdrawal symptoms from the lack of videos and content, Ann. I look like a crackhead over here waiting for that next hit, lol.

    Also, the reason there was no one else on the hiking trail is because no one in their right mind would walk for hours in the sun in 40 degree weather!!

  3. Hey if you ever come by Colorado theirs a beautiful hike up to a place called Hanging lake, Probably want to hike it during the summer its pretty high up so it could be quite chilly even in spring time

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